Algebra TEKS

3 Reasons everyone MUST understand Algebra TEKS

Math Phobia is real and it can hinder an individual’s growth. Learning the Algebra TEKS is imparative. 

Teaching Algebra TEKS is challenging for many students.  There are many times I have overheard students and even parents ask why Algebra is required to graduate high school. Chances are these same people have used some form of Algebra to solve simple problems in daily life like what size of cereal is a better deal or how much to tip your server. Algebra can be far more useful and not knowing it can limit a person’s career and education options; ability to save money; and leaving some open to being taken advantage of by business dealings and community leaders.

  1. Algebra Math PhobiaFor career opportunities – There is a reason Sally got promoted, it is because she has the skills to solve more complex problems than Sam. Sally used her math skills to find ways to save the company money. The company rewarded Sally. This is a scenario that can easily be replicated through numerous businesses across the state. States have also adopted more ways to make math more relevant to the real world and making the understanding of computer logic and algorithms simpler. Having better problem-solving skills makes an employee far more valuable to an organization. Also, not mastering basic math skills early on makes it exponentially more difficult for a person to continue in advanced education – and again – limiting career growth.
  2. To make and save more money – At some point, most everyone will be faced with financial decisions in life. What cell phone plan to purchase? How much should they spend on a car? How to save for retirement? And these are just a few of the hundreds of financial decisions adults make in daily life. An uneducated consumer is very likely to make wrong choices when evaluating options. It is important to grasp the time value of money and long term interest savings that can be generated from small changes in the present. We can use algebra in charts and graphs to visually see the savings and costs over a period of time to see the gaps develop. Over years, these small changes add up quickly and make the difference of a comfortable life or life of constant struggle.
  3. Self-defense – Without knowing basic statistics, people can be vulnerable to scare tactics by sales people and even politicians is a person doesn’t understand the “validity” and the “logic” and exactly what the data means. There is a chance it is not significant and someone is manipulating the data to make it appear a situation is worse or better than reality. Knowing these skills can help the community make the best choice for its leaders and business dealings. There are entire cities that choose the wrong vendor for city projects and never get the desperately needed bridge built or get bullied into approving tax increases to cover non-urgent community needs. Individuals can also fall prey to unscrupulous business people and lose hundreds and thousands of hard-earned dollars.

These are just some of the reasons understanding why we teach the standards for Algebra TEKS and it will make a big difference in the course of a person’s life. Hopefully, you are able to share of these insights with a person that has a Math Phobia. Let us know your experiences and if we can offer any assistance. Looking forward to your comments below:

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